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2016' Mass Games

We don't know yet whether there will be Mass Games in 2016.

2015' Mass Games

There are no Mass Games in 2015.

2014' Mass Games

We have been informed by our North Korean partners that this year there will be NO Arirang Mass Games in Pyongyang. 2014 is not a year with any major anniversary for North Korea and probably it was one of the reasons why the DPRK government has decided not to stage the Mass Games for the first time since 2002 when it was first performed.

Even though this news is disappointing please be informed that 2014 tours are running as usual. North Korea is an unique and fascinating destination that has a lot to offer you. Several Mass Dance shows will be held in Pyongang city center on Victory Day(July 27), Liberation Day (Aug 15), National Day (Sep 9), Workers’ Party of Korea Anniversary (Oct 10). If you happen to be in Pyongyang around these dates you will have a chance to see this dance and join in !

In 2015 there will be the 70th anniversary of the end of the Japanese colonization along with other major memorial dates and thus we expect the whole range of exciting performances and events. So there is a good chance that that Mass Games will be staged in 2015.

2013' Mass Games

The last Mass Games were held in Pyongyang between 22 July and 30 September 2013. The show were run 4 times a week. Tourists from all over the World were welcomed to the DPRK during Mass Games and everybody enjoyed this fantastic show. Please refer to the photo digest of the event below. Click on each picture to open it in full size.


Venue: Pyongyang May Day Stadium, one of the biggest sport arenas in the world.

Tickets: different types of tickets are available: from 80 Euro per ticket for economy seats up to 300 Euro for VIP seats. The cost of the ticket is not included in the tour price and is to be paid in Pyongyang to Korean guides.

History: Since 1946, North Korea has regularly staged mass gymnastics games or performances that have grown ever grander and more lavish over the years. They are a the result of long hours and months of rigorous training by thousands of people.The Mass Games is a spectacle in which thousands of performers come together fluidly and flawlessly as one making this show unique in the World.

The theme of the Mass Games is called "Arirang" . This incredible show of 100,000 performers retells the tale of North Korea's history.