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Itinerary for Tumangang (North Korea)-Moscow Trans-Siberian Tour

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To make sure you get tickets for the desired dates please book your trip at least 2.5 months in advance.

This tour starts in one of the most hardly accessible parts of North Korea - Tumangang, the border city in the Free Economic Zone Rason. For many years this tour was not possible for most tourists. The Friendship train bridge between Russia and North Korea is one of the least travelled borders in the world, it is the only train connection between DPRK and Rusia. From the Friendship bridge you will see the tri border area - where Chinese, Russian and North Korean borders come together in one point.
This is the longest possible non-stop journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway - 9412km! Cross Eurasia from one corner to another and see the the whole Russia from the train! Stop by Irkutsk and enjoy Baikal lake for 2 days.

  • Lake Baikal - the biggest fresh water lake on the planet Earth
  • Tri-border area - the point in Tuman river where borders of three countries come together: Russian, Chinese and North Korea
Options before the trip
Day/ country

Day 1



Tri-border area

  • Go through passport control and customs in Tumangang Railway station and catch a train at 14.20 to Khasan (Russia)
  • One of the highlights of this trip is the border crossing by train from North Korea to Russia via Friendship bridge, the only land connection between the 2 countries with passenger trains running only 4 times a month. From the bridge you can clearly see the unique tri-borders area where Chinese, Russian and North Korean borders come together in a single point
  • At 16.45 (local time) arrive to Khasan, pass through Russian passport and customs control. After customs formalities you can leave the train and explore Khasan railway station or do some shopping for about 1 hour
  • Get back on the train and depart to Irkutsk


Day 2-4


on the train
  • Enjoy landscape scenery from the train
Day 5



Irkutsk / Baikal

Lake Baikal

  • Arrival in Irkutsk after midnight and transfer to the hotel
  • Overnight in the hotel
  • Breakfast at restaurant in city's historical center
  • Transfer to Baikal Lake. En route: visit open-air ethnographical museum of wooden architecture "Taltsy" (comprehensive exhibition of Siberian-style folk houses of the former centuries)
  • Visit Listvyanka village and try famous Baikal fish Omul at a restaurant situated at Baikal's shore
  • Experience the lake's landscape and culture: get acquaintaned with Shaman-rock legend, visit ancient wooden orthodox church of St.Nicholas (who is believed to be the patron of fishermen and sailors), ride a funicular to Chersky peak observatory to enjoy picturesque view of the lake
  • Stop by local fish & souvenir markets to choose a gift for your family and friends
  • In the evening check-in at Nikolay private hotel-house in Listvyanka. Free time


Day 6



Irkutsk / Baikal
  • Breakfast. Have your free morning time at Baikal lake
  • Transfer to Irkutsk
  • City tour: Irkutsk foundation place, the Eternal flame memorial, most important churches (including Znamensky cathedral ), Kirov square and several memorials dedicated to events in Siberian history, Irkutsk Linguistics University, and City administration. Put your feet at the crossing of Lenin and Karl-Marx streets (two main streets) in the center of the city, stroll along Gagarin boulevard, popular with locals as a dating spot. Overview the monument to tsar Alexander III overlooking one of the mightiest Siberian rivers Angara, and visit unique lore museum surrounded by centries-old buildings that keep the charm of Irkutsk
  • Lunch at the local restaurant and then enjoy your free time in Irkutsk
  • In the evening we will transfer to the Railway Station and depart to Moscow


Day 7-9


on the train
  • Enjoy landscape scenery from the train

Day 10


  • In the morning arrival in Moscow
  • This ends the tour
Options after the train trip
  • After your Trans-Siberian journey you can book:
    • hotel in Moscow
    • tour around Moscow

Important! The itinerary is a PRELIMINARY one and it can be customized according to your request: you can add new stop over cities, choose trains, starting dates and stop's duration or connect it with journeys in North Korea, China, Mongolia, or South Korea.

The tour price covers:
The tour price doesn't cover:  
  • Train tickets from Tumangang to Moscow in 2nd class (4 bed-sleeper)
  • Twin room shared accommodation at mentioned hotels (or same level hotels)
  • Guide and transportation service according to the itinerary
  • Meals according to the itinerary
  • Tickets from your residence country to North Korea and from tour final point to your next destination
  • Transportation and guide in Moscow
  • DPRK, Russian visa fee (vary depending on your nationality).Please refer to our visa support service
  • Tour or Guide in North Korea: to enter North Korea the North Korean guide or tour in North Korea / Rason should be arranged in advance
  • Train meals
  • ev. single room supplement